Auditability & Explainability of OBLV Deployments

An Overview of OBLV Deployments

OBLV supports users in deploying containers and pods within isolated and verified enclave environments. The system is developed with inherent compliance and risk mitigation, providing a reliable solution for enhancing data processing security.

Key Features of OBLV

  • Isolated Enclave Environments: OBLV leverages enclave technology to create secure environments for data processing, segregating sensitive operations from other system areas to mitigate risks of data breaches.
  • Container and Pod Deployment: It enables the deployment of containers and pods into secure enclaves, combining the scalability of containerised applications with a secure operational environment.
  • Rigorous Attestation Process: Each enclave undergoes a detailed attestation to verify its integrity and authenticity, ensuring that operations within are as intended and secure.
  • Non-Persistent Environments: Enclaves in OBLV are non-persistent, eliminating data traces after termination, which is essential for secure handling of sensitive information.
  • Defense-in-Depth via Proxy Attestation: The system provides multiple layers of security verification, including the use of a secure proxy and custom key management service (KMS) rules, before sensitive data is sent to the enclave.

OBLV provides a practical solution that meets the demands of data security and regulatory adherence for those in compliance and risk management. Its capability to transparently isolate and validate data processing environments and clear attestation process with straightforward audit trails, align with high security and compliance regulations. OBLV is a suitable tool for organisations aiming to enhance their data security in a regulated environment.

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