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About Oblivious

Oblivious is a cutting-edge confidential computing company that offers privacy-enhancing technology (PET) solutions for enterprise. It was founded by Robert Pisarczyk and Jack Fitzsimons in 2020 and is headquartered in Dublin.

Oblivious products allow companies to embrace the zero-trust architecture and deploy services on the cloud in a trusted execution environment that nobody outside can access.

Oblivious currently offers two privacy-by-design solutions: OBLV Deploy and Antigranular.

OBLV Deploy

OBLV Deploy is a confidential computing runtime built for developers and DevOps engineers looking to deploy their services with enhanced security and trust for their users.

OBLV Deploy seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, transforming the complexities of confidential computing into a user-friendly experience. Through a consistent custom boot system, it guarantees end-to-end security via Attested TLS, enabling services to communicate in the most secure manner possible.

OBLV Deploy effortlessly integrates with popular tools like Kubernetes, optimising deployment efficiency and maintaining data integrity. This streamlined approach enhances trust for both clients and developers.


Antigranular is a community-driven, open-source platform developed by Oblivious that merges confidential computing and differential privacy. This creates a secure environment for handling unseen confidential data.

Antigranular enables data scientists to work with the latest PETs using private python and toggle between confidential compute and regular code blocks within their Jupyter Notebook.

Antigranular's private python is a specialised version of the Python programming language that offers a user-friendly and accessible coding environment. It is designed specifically for working with differentially private data, ensuring privacy protections are embedded at every step.

The Eyes-Off Data Summit

The Eyes-Off Data Summit is an annual event organised by Oblivious. It serves as a unique platform bringing together various stakeholders within the privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) community. The summit offers a remarkable opportunity for participants to stay updated with the ever-evolving AI landscape while collectively driving progress in PETs and privacy.

With a strong emphasis on fostering innovation, engagement, and knowledge exchange, the event aims to transition the trust landscape from traditional, paper-based approaches (such as terms and conditions and compliance) to more robust technological guarantees.

At the summit, attendees connect with renowned speakers from around the globe and engage in discussions with data enthusiasts, policy experts, regulatory professionals, security specialists, and PETs developers. Together, these conversations are geared towards championing responsible innovation and promoting secure data sharing practices.

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