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Get rid of data fragmentation and minimise data exposure risks with customisable solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and give you unmatched security on the cloud.

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AGENT protects data with differential privacy

Analyse sensitive data in a data privacy platform which protects individual privacy and ensures no one can see the granular data. Not even your data analysts or malicious attackers.

Similar Utility, Much More Privacy

AGENT leverages differential privacy to deliver advanced analytics with accurate results when compared to the raw data, whilst still protecting privacy.,

Even finer metrics are represented accurately, demonstrating the privacy doesn’t affect precision.,

Similar Utility, Much More Privacy

Privacy as Cell Magic

You don’t have to overhaul your processes to embrace more privacy.

Integrate privacy-enhancing technologies into data scientists existing workflow directly in their notebooks with a Jupyter magic command %%ag .

Privacy as Cell Magic

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, your team can derive valuable insights and create predictive models without compromising individual privacy.

You can train your machine learning models while ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive data throughout the process.

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

Supports 200+ Data Sources

Seamlessly integrated with 200+ data sources ranging from traditional databases to cloud-based platforms and IoT devices.

This enables your team to extract valuable insights that fuel innovation and accelerate decision-making processes.

Supports 200+ Data Sources

OBLV Deploy protects data with secure enclaves

Run your application in a secure environment that protects it while being processed and ensures no one outside gets access. Not even us or your internal administrators.


OBLV Deploy effortlessly integrates with Kubernetes and is compatible with your existing tech stack.

This eliminates the need to send your data to third parties while maintaining security of your applications and enhancing operational efficiency.


Built for Developers

Leverage familiar processes to easily configure and adapt the platform to meet specific requirements using a manifest.

This approach ensures seamless integration, enhanced efficiency, advanced in-house customisability, and a smoother development experience.



Get automatic, real-time, third-party-validated privacy policies for every service in your organisation to verify exactly what’s running inside the enclave.

This helps you to foster trust, compliance, and a higher level of security assurance.


Controlled Environment

Prevent unauthorised access and ensure sensitive information remains protected from prying eyes, and internal and external threats.

By safeguarding your critical assets, you maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

Controlled Environment

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Ready to Leave the Status Quo Behind?

How Our Solutions Help You Maximise Value from Your Data

As data becomes one of your most valuable assets, controlling its use and access will unlock silos, limit exposure, protect your reputation and give you the competitive edge in your industry.

Status Quo

Status Quo

Powerful data is sitting in silos, restricted by role based access control. Governance risk and compliance limit your ability to fully leverage the data and gain valuable insights.

Unchanged Processes

Unchanged Processes

Our technology works behind the scenes allowing you continue your existing processes unchanged. You don’t need to overhaul your systems or retrain your staff.

Full Transparency

Full Transparency

You can verify that everything inside your system is running as it’s supposed to. This gives you full transparency over where the data goes and how it’s used, without needing to see the data itself.

Unlock Insights

Unlock Insights

With more data available and securely processed, you can extract valuable insights and make informed decisions. This helps you optimise operations, drive revenue, and maintain a competitive edge.

Innovative Security

Innovative Security

We use proven frameworks and innovative technology to create a transparent, impermeable barrier around your data. This barrier seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, isolating sensitive information and ensuring it stays protected while being processed.

Increased Access

Increased Access

By implementing this transparent barrier, you can access more data without exposing sensitive information. This unlocks unlimited ways to connect and use the data for collaboration, both within your organisation and with external partners.

Prevent Risk

Prevent Risk

Our technology minimises the risk of exposure to malicious attacks or third-party control. Sensitive data is processed in a secure environment, preventing unauthorised access and ensuring compliance with privacy standards.

Leverage More Data Than Ever Before

How Our Solutions Help You Maximise Value from Your Data

As data becomes one of your most valuable assets, controlling its use and access will unlock silos, limit exposure, protect your reputation and give you the competitive edge in your industry.

Streamline Compliance, Minimise Legal Risk

Our solutions ensure your company complies with stringent data protection measures and make it easy to demonstrate compliance through its embedded auditing capabilities.

Reduce Your Security Costs

Consolidate and streamline your security approach, eliminating redundant or ineffective protective measures, privacy tools, or processes that don’t offer the same assurances.

Protect Data from Internal and External Threats

Fortify your security infrastructure to prevent data breaches, unauthorised access even from internal threats, and address third-party risk management concerns.

Ensure Data Sovereignty for Unlimited Collaboration

Integrate multiple sensitive data sources without compromising the confidentiality to increase collaboration between departments and organisations.

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Join our annual event to be part of the conversation between privacy conscious technology innovators, regulators, lawyers, and data scientists working towards a more secure digital future and responsible AI.

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We regularly organise competitions aimed at actively engaging privacy-conscious data scientists in a mutual effort to fuel innovation and drive responsible implementation of the emerging technologies.


Participate in the Antigranular responsible data science hackathons to test your data science skills, win prizes, learn, collaborate, and connect with the differential privacy community.


Connect with other privacy-minded data scientists, ask questions, and exchange knowledge by joining our rapidly expanding global network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between OBLV Deploy and AGENT?

AGENT is for organisations who want to enable data scientists and machine learning models to work and collaborate on sensitive data without compromising individual privacy.

Who are Oblivious solutions best for?

Our solutions are built for any company that handles sensitive data and aims to strengthen its data privacy and data security. They also provide unique data collaboration opportunities within and between organisations that wish to keep their sensitive data and IP private.

Are the solutions customisable to suit individual business needs?

Yes, our solutions are designed to cater to a wide range of users. They're capable of handling both highly sensitive data and high volumes, providing a robust and scalable solution for businesses of varying sizes and needs.

Can your software adapt to new privacy laws and regulations?

Absolutely, we are committed to continuous innovation. As privacy laws and regulations evolve, we continually refine our products to ensure they not only adhere to but also preemptively address these advancements, guaranteeing seamless governance and compliance for your business.

What is confidential computing (also known as secure enclaves) and why is it important?

Confidential computing is a security approach focusing on protecting data while it is being processed. Unlike traditional security measures that secure data at rest and in transit, confidential computing closes the gap by safeguarding data...Read moreicon

What is differential privacy?

Differential Privacy (DP) is a framework designed to ensure individual data remains private when conducting statistical analyses. It achieves this by introducing controlled random noise into data queries, obscuring the impact of any...Read moreicon

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